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7 May 2024

Charleston Literary Festival, Sunday 26 May, 3:30pm

Akshat Rathi will be joined by 2023 Baillie Gifford Prize winner John Vaillant to discuss the past and future of our ever-hotter, more flammable world, and reflecting on what needs to be done to tackle the climate emergency.

Further details and tickets can be found here:

Cambridge Literature Festival, Monday 27 May, 6pm

Join John Vaillant for an enlightening conversation with nature writer Robert Macfarlane. They'll tell the remarkable story of Fort McMurray, a brutal urban wildfire, and explore our rapidly changing relationship with fire within the urgent midst of climate crisis.

Further details and tickets can be found here: https://www.cambridgeliteraryf...

RSA, Stories from a hotter world, Tuesday 28 May, 1pm

Join award-winning authors John Vaillant and Gaia Vince to examine the devastating effects of fossil-fuelled climate warming, and to ask: what does ever more flammable world mean for the future of life on Earth?

This event will also be streamed online.

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Waterstones Trafalgar Square, Tuesday 28 May, 7pm

Join John Vaillant to celebrate the paperback publication of his Baillie Gifford Prize-winning book, Fire Weather at Waterstones Trafalgar Square.

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Hay Literary Festival, Thursday 30 May, 1pm

John Vaillant will be in conversation with 2022 Prize winner Katherine Rundell to talk about how we must prepare for a hotter, more flammable world. 

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Borris Festival, Ireland

Saturday 8 June, 10:30am

YOU COULDN'T MAKE IT UP: Margaret Atwood and John Vaillant ask who needs fiction when nature is providing enough of a fast-moving, harrowing story. The session will be moderated by Alex Clark.

Saturday 8 June, 4:50pm

ACCOUNTABILITY IN UKRAINE: John Vaillant and human rights lawyer Janine di Giovanni talk about The Reckoning Project, which documents crimes against humanity committed during the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

Sunday 9 June, 10:30am

John Vaillant with David Wallace-Wells (The Uninhabitable Earth) on the need for urgent action, and solutions, in a climate-disrupted world. The talk will be chaired by 2022 Prize winner Katherine Rundell.

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