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One on One

Craig Brown

101 chance meetings, juxtaposing the famous and the infamous, the artistic and the philistine, the pompous and the comical, the snobbish and the vulgar, told by Britain’s funniest writer. One on One examines the curious nature of different types of meeting, from the oddity of meetings with the Royal Family (who start giggling during a recital by TS Eliot) to those often perilous meetings between old and young (Gladstone terrifies the teenage Bertrand Russell), and our contemporary random encounters on television (George Galloway meets Michael Barrymore on Celebrity Big Brother).  

First published:
Published by:
Fourth Estate
Hardcover 358 pages

About the author

Craig Brown has been writing the Private Eye celebrity diary since 1989. He has also written parodies for many other publications, including the Daily Telegraph, Vanity Fair, The Times and the Guardian.