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The Voices of Morebath

Reformation and Rebellion in an English Village

Eamon Duffy

Eamon Duffy uses the written accounts of a sixteenth-century country priest - Sir Christopher Trychay - to reveal Morebath’s complex social life, its strains, tensions and conflicting personalities, and its busy pre-Reformation piety. They also offer us a unique window into a rural world in crisis as the reformation progressed. Through Sir Christopher’s eyes, or rather, through his voice – for he wrote these accounts to be read aloud to his parishioners - we catch a rare glimpse of life and death in an English village.

First published:
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Yale University
Hardcover 232 pages

About the author

Eamon Duffy is an Irish Professor of the History of Christianity at the University of Cambridge, and a Fellow and former President of Magdalene College. He specialises in 15th- to 17th-century religious history of Britain and is a former member of the Pontifical Historical Commission.