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Snow Geese

William Fiennes

The Snow Geese is William Fiennes’s first book; a blend of autobiography, reportage and natural science that follows the remarkable journey of migrating Snow Geese. Fiennes follows the snow geese on their long journey home to the Canadian Artic, from Delaware, California and the Gulf of Mexico, writing not only of the geese, but of the grace of homecomings and the strange gravity that home exerts.

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Hardcover 253 pages

About the author

William Fiennes is a British author educated at the Dragon School in Oxford, Eton College, and Oxford University, where he received both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Fiennes spent two years as Fellow in the Creative Arts at Wolfson College, Oxford. Since 2007, he has been Writer-in-Residence at the American School in London, and at Cranford Community College, Hounslow. He is the Director and co-founder of the charity First Story, which promotes writing in challenging schools in Great Britain. He currently lives in Oxford.