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Diary of a Young Naturalist

Dara McAnulty

Diary of a Young Naturalist chronicles the turning of 15-year-old Dara McAnulty’s world. From spring and through a year in his home patch in Northern Ireland, Dara spent the seasons writing. These vivid, evocative and moving diary entries about his connection to wildlife and the way he sees the world are raw in their telling. Diary of a Young Naturalist portrays Dara’s intense connection to the natural world, and his perspective as a teenager juggling exams and friendships alongside a life of campaigning.

First published:
Published by:
Little Toller
Hardcover 222 pages

About the author

Dara McAnulty is a young star of the conservation movement, and Diary of a Young Naturalist – assured, mature and sensitive – is sure to break the mould of modern “nature writing” and cause a media stir. Already lined up for many major media and festival appearances, and with much interest from publications all around the world, the book is already set to be the break-out title of 2020.