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Deliver us from Evil:

Warlords and Peacekeepers in a World of Endless Conflict

William Shawcross

In this revealing account of International Peacekeeping since 1989, William Shawcross examines what lies behind decisions to intervene in crisis zones on humanitarian grounds and shows us the consequences when the troops and aid agencies move in. The author travelled to war zones and talked to global policy-makers, leading diplomats and key humanitarian aid officials first hand. He provides a fascinating portrait of Kofi Annan and explains the partnership between the UN and its various agencies and its troubled relationship with NATO and the United States in the ‘New World Disorder’.

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Hardcover 404 pages

About the author

William Shawcross is an internationally known writer and broadcaster. His articles have appeared in The Sunday Times, Sunday Telegraph, Washington Post, Sydney Morning Herald, International Herald Tribune, Time and Newsweek. He has written several books including Sideshow:Kissinger, Nixon and the destruction of Cambodia (1979) and Rupert Murdoch: The Making of a Media Empire (1992). He is on the board of the International Crisis Group. William Shawcross lives in west London.