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The Secret History of Mind Control

Dominic Streatfeild

With access to formerly classified documentation and interviewees from MI5, MI6, the CIA, the US Army and British Intelligence Corps, Brainwash traces the evolution of the world’s most secret psychological procedure. From its origins in the Cold War to the height of today’s war on terror, from religious cults to British interrogation techniques in Northern Ireland, from CIA experiments with LSD and magic mushrooms to Guantanamo Bay, Dominic Streatfield delves deeply into this shocking and controversial subject.

First published:
Published by:
Hodder and Stoughton
Hardcover 440 pages

About the author

Dominic Streatfeild is a writer and documentary maker who specialises in military and security issues. His television work includes BBC2’s Exocet – detailing MI6 and the SAS’s clandestine war for the Falkland Islands – and the Discovery Channel’s series Age of Terror, examining the roots of political violence. Airing in over 100 countries, Age of Terror included interviews with members of 18 terrorist groups including FARC, the IRA, The Shining Path and Hezbollah.